About Me


I had worked several years as translator (English and French) when my first husband and I got divorced. This left me as a single mother with a young son. In 1975, the year my son started grammar school, I enrolled to study economics at University of Munich, not only because I thought this would enhance my long-term job perspectives but also because I had been interested in this subject since many years. In 1981 I took a job in the economics department of a German bank. During the evenings and on weekends I worked on a PhD-thesis in economics which I submitted to the University of Linz in 1989. I stayed at the bank until the end of 1998, meanwhile in the international department, working mainly on Eastern European projects. Now I am a writer and do free-lance work with an academic publisher. My second husband, a professor of economics at the University of Hamburg, and I live in Munich and Hamburg.