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“Mein Körper sagt mir, er will nicht mehr tanzen – Krankheit als Signal und Chance”
ISBN 3-492-04498-0, Piper Verlag 2003.
275 pages, hardcover, Euro 19,90

The book contains 18 interviews with people having overcome a serious illness.
In the beginning of 1997, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. This changed my life. I came to understand that illness can also imply opportunities. This lead me to develop the idea for this book. I talked to very different men and women in Germany suffering from serious illness, about turning points in their life, experiences with pain and fear, about the power of love, will to live and joy of living and about new insights through their sickness.
The message of all these diverse experiences: There is no one single way of how to cope with illness but the understanding that every individual takes a different road back to life, to find some new dimension of life quality. “I found my soul, my inner doctor” said Nora O. in our interview.

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A review of my book in pfd format you can find here.

Also published as paperback.